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N Automation Group

Company N Automation Group works in area of industrial automation and robotics.

We specialize in industrial robots programming.

Experience, which our programmers have gain mainly in automotive industry of whole Europe, allows us professionally complet our subcontracted tasks.

We invite to cooperation.

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projektowanie w roboCAD

We offer online and offline industrial robots programming.

Online programming takes place on our customer's site and includes activities like:

  • robots activation
  • robots programming according to customer's needs
  • optimization of robots work
  • production stand by

We specialize in programming following types of robots:

  • KUKA (V)KRC1 i (V)KRC2
  • Fanuc RJ2 i RJ3
  • Comau C3G i C4G

projektowanie w roboCADWe have experience in following robots applications:

  • handling
  • spot welding
  • MIG/MAG welding
  • studs and nuts welding
  • glueing and sealing
  • laser cutting
  • clinching
  • hamming
  • in-line measuring

We use RobCAD software for offline programming. It gives us possibility to do:

  • designing robotic production nests
  • modelling of tools
  • reachibility tests of robots
  • creating of robots movement paths
  • optimization of robots movements

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projektowanie w roboCAD

Our programmers have i.a. worked for:

  • Volkswagen
  • Skoda
  • Audi
  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Airbus
  • Ford
  • Opel
  • Smart
  • Fiat
  • Magna

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European Union project

projekt unijny

Current auctions

Zapytanie ofertowe nr 1/2018

- Zapytanie ofertowe

- Formularz ofertowy (załącznik nr 1)

- Budynek biurowo - laboratoryjno - produkcyjny | PROJEKT BUDOWLANY

Zapytanie ofertowe nr 1/2017 na wykonanie robót wraz z zakupem niezbędnych materiałów budowlanych w związku z budową budynku laboratoryjnego (z zapleczem materiałów, konstrukcyjnym i biurowo-projektowym)

- Zapytanie ofertowe

- Formularz ofertowy (załącznik nr 1)

- Budynek biurowo - laboratoryjno - produkcyjny | PROJEKT BUDOWLANY

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